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Furnace Repair

As temperatures start hitting the low figures during the winter, the last thing you need is a furnace breakdown. Luckily, our business has what is needed to bring you a quick turnaround. At Utah Heating and Cooling, we offer rapid furnace repair services in the Salt Lake and Utah County areas. Expect our team to dispatch a fully equipped, experienced, and skilled technician at your door in no time. Interested in replacement, click here.


Initial dispatch fee waived if we have to return on a repair we made. Labor warranty may be dictated by Home Warranty policy.

Four Most Common Furnace Failures

AIR FILTER – All air flows through the air filter. A dirty filter can severely restrict air flow and cause the furnace to choke, overwork the system and eventually cause failure in the system.

GAS BURNERS – The burners in your gas furnace can get dirty causing a disruption in both gas and air flow. This can result in intermittent heat and the release of carbon monoxide.

FLAME SENSOR – Having a dirty flame sensor can cause your unit to shut down. Since it is the part that informs the rest of the unit if there is a flame present.

CRACKED HEAT EXCHANGER – Heat exchangers are a critical part of your furnace and can crack over time. Once cracked, a heat exchanger can release harmful pollutants into your home (not very likely and should always be followed with a second opinion).

Why we are a Repair Company

Our technicians carry all the tools needed for diagnosing issues, along with fully stocked vans. In most cases we can fix issues on a first trip to get your family comfortable again. To prevent issues before they start, become a member of our monthly home maintenance plan. Own a home warranty? Click the link here.

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